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The Man Guide’s 15 Hottest Female Cosplay Girls Instagram

Updated: Hottest Cosplay Girls 2020 – Pandemic Edition : )

Leeanna Vamp

LeeAnna Vamp is the “Ghoul Of Your Dreams” and host of I Love Nerd Girls and Fiends Forever. She is a high fashion model that mixes it up with a very bold unique look and style and is pursuing her acting career. She’s a total nerd at heart growing up loving all the classics from tv, games, toys, fashion, and a big fan of 80’s movies. She loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genres in TV/ Movies and can be seen at many of the cons, amongst those she calls “her people, at her home away from home.” As she puts it, “I am a fan and will be a Nerd Forever!”

Wolverine X-23

Leeanna Vamp as Boba Fett2.

Leeanna Vamp as Freddy Krueger.

Cosplay girls may abound, but Leeana Vamp is perhaps THE definition of the sexy professional cosplay girl. A true nerd!

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