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Alicia Marie Cosplay Is Spot On

Alicia Marie Cosplay

One of the “most recognizable faces of fitness in this decade,” author, fitness and health writer, celebrity fitness coach, runway model and gamer girl Alicia Marie also brings us some of the most exciting and spot-on cosplay around. The following bio came from the ‘About’ page on her website (and we’re very impressed!) Her cosplay photos come after her modeling and fitness stuff which we included because, well, she’s just awesome.

Alicia Marie Cosplay

Alicia Marie is the author of Amazon ‘Reader Favorite’ The Booty Bible™ – a ‘rearend’ exercise fit-cyclopedia for women. She is an MTV: Music Television fitness coach, a multi-media fitness personality, as well as an internationally recognized fitness supermodel and celebrity health & diet guru.

Alicia Marie Cosplay - just look at those abs!
Just look at those abs!

Alicia is co-creator of Lionsgate Media’s “30-Day Buttlift” DVD workout series. She is the writer and producer of Los Angeles’ Metro health and nutrition syndicated video series for children/youth, CARDIO WORLD.

Alicia Marie Cosplay - 30 day buttlift

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