Aspiring photographer and future husband, Martin Perreault spotted Bianca at the age of 17. He convinced her to pose for photographs thus beginning her modelling career. She aquired her first latex outfit the following year at age 18.

Bianca Beauchamp Cosplay Catwoman

Beauchamp and Perreault founded the website Latex Lair in 1998. However, during an internship at her old high-school, a staff member discovered the website and advised her to shut it down despite it having no nudity.

Bianca Beauchamp Cosplay Vampirella


Bianca complied but re-opened the site soon after completing the internship. The university then threatened to fail her if the site stayed up. Realizing her passion, she left university at the age of 23 to pursue her modelling career.

Bianca Beauchamp Cosplay Star Trek

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