Cherry Amaru Cosplay

Cherry Amaru Cosplay is your friendly neighbor-hood streamer, gamer and cosplayer from Canada! When she’s not bartending, she’s spending late nights crafting, burning herself with hot glue guns and laughing at her own jokes! If you are lucky enough to catch her at a con, be sure to bring her a box of mini-doughnuts because she is obsessed. If you’re really lucky, you might catch her cutting some shapes on the dance floor later on working off the mini-doughnuts you just gave her.

Cherry Amaru Cosplay

Anyway, we are really impressed with her high quality excellently produced cosplays. Follow Cherry on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and buy her a cup of coffee on Ko-Fi!

Love, love, love this original Loot Hoarder Princess Peach!

Super Sonico

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