Coachella Looks To Inspire Your Closet Cosplays

Coachella has become a mecca of both music and fashion. As someone who can’t justify dropping $400 for even the cheapest of the tickets, I get my fix watching the live stream and following on Instagram.

And as an anime fan that constantly has the fandom on the mind, I couldn’t help but see some outfits that are like unique twists on closet cosplays. The magic of closet cosplay is it can be as accurate or as easy as you’d like and they’re a great way to bring something new to your wardrobe!

This article by Kill la Jill originally appeared on Goboiano.

Black Bikini Style

Unexpected Floral Prints

Black Straps with Pigtails

Double Hair Buns and Sheer Dresses

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Blue Butterflies with a Tucked Hip Accent

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Bright Striped Pants

Mermaid Inspiration

The human imagination is a powerful thing ????

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The ‘I Want Rem to Be Happy’ Bridal Set

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Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere friends!

This article by Kill la Jill originally appeared on Goboiano.

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