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Hendo Art Super Cool Cosplay

Hendo Art is a Los Angeles, California based cosplayer. She is best known for her Spidey cosplay but loves to dabble in all genres. She loves all things nerd and says that cosplay has changed her life. From pretty dresses to bad-ass armor she likes to make her props and costumes and pretend she’s “super cool.” Well, we don’t think it’s pretend, she is the definition of SUPER COOL! She likes to pair up her cosplay posts on Facebook with quotes from the characters she portrays which only adds to the atmosphere of realism she brings to each cosplay. Support her on Patreon so we can continue to be dazzled by her beautiful and moving creations.

Hendo Art


“I don’t know how far I’m going, I don’t know what I’ve become.”

Gwenom by Hendo Art Cosplay

The Joker

“Now one with me and the crowbar.”

The Joker by Hendo Art Cosplay
The Joker

Teen Titans Terra

“But when I look back on it, all I gained was one single, undeniable fact. That ultimately I am a person who can do evil.”

Teen Titans Terra by Hendo Art Cosplay
Teen Titans Terra

Teen Titans Raven

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves, By each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword.”

Teen Titans Raven by Hendo Art Cosplay
Teen Titans Raven

Babydoll from Sucker Punch

“To win any battle, you must fight as if you’re already dead.”

Babydoll from Sucker Punch by Hendo Art Cosplay
Babydoll from Sucker Punch

Ash Ketchum

“Nothin’ but the dream in my eye, the fire in my heart, and the wicked fresh underwear my mom packed for me. Thanks mom!”

Ash Ketchum by Hendo Art Cosplay
Ash Ketchum

Spider-Girl – May “Mayday” Parker

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Spider-Girl by Hendo Art Cosplay

Wonder Woman

“I am a servant to my people. Nothing is beneath me.”

Wonder Woman by Hendo Art Cosplay
Wonder Woman

Gwen Stacy

“I’m going to help you forgive the things that you won’t let yourself forget.”

Gwen Stacy by Hendo Art Cosplay
Gwen Stacy

Symbiote Spiderman

“Don’t come back when you realize that I’m rare.”

Symbiote Spiderman by Hendo Art Cosplay
Symbiote Spiderman

Mary Jane Watson

“He never said so, but I knew that as busy as he was, Spider-Man was watching out for me. After that day, I began to watch for him too.”

Mary Jane Watson by Hendo Art Cosplay
Mary Jane Watson

Caution: If you watch this, you may fall in love. You’ve been warned!

Disney dreams on sunny shores

☄☉Disney dreams on sunny shores ☉☄Amazing Video by ????@eccentricerick of Earth's Mightiest ZeroesLovely bikinis by www.EnchantedBikinis.comSnow White: Maid of Might CosplayBelle: Elizabeth RageJasmine: Milynn SarleyRapunzel: Reagan KathrynPocahonats: Hendo Art????Song: Mielo – Surreal (Feat. Abby Sevcik)

Posted by Hendo Art on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Video info:

Amazing Video by @eccentricerick of Earth’s Mightiest Zeroes

Lovely bikinis by
Snow White: Maid of Might Cosplay
Belle: Elizabeth Rage
Jasmine: Milynn Sarley
Rapunzel: Reagan Kathryn
Pocahontas: Hendo Art

Hendo Art also does some really interesting mash-ups that we’ll feature in another post!

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