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Star Wars Geisha Leia Cosplay by Hendo Art

Hendo Art Cosplay brings us another finely crafted cosplay with this gorgeous Geisha Leia! We do love us some Slave Leia, however it’s refreshing to see a different take on this popular bad-ass pop icon. Photos by Nelson Seralbo, aka, NELs, who has managed to capture this Star Wars geisha in her natural environment. Hendo and NELs bios and links are at the bottom, give them a follow!

Geisha Leia Cosplay by Hendo Art, photo by NELs.

Geisha Leia Cosplay by Hendo Art, photo by NELs.

Be sure to check out our profile story on Hendo to see all of her amazing work – Hendo Art Super Cool Cosplay.

About Hendo Art Cosplay

Hendo Art is a Los Angeles, California based cosplayer. She is best known for her Spidey cosplay but loves to dabble in all genres. She loves all things nerd and says that cosplay has changed her life. From pretty dresses to bad-ass armor she likes to make her props and costumes and pretend she’s “super cool.” Well, we don’t think it’s pretend, she is the definition of SUPER COOL! She likes to pair up her cosplay posts on Facebook with quotes from the characters she portrays which only adds to the atmosphere of realism she brings to each cosplay. Support her on Patreon so we can continue to be dazzled by her beautiful and moving creations.

About NELs

Nelson Seralbo, aka, NELs, is a Los Angeles, California based cosplay, commercial, model and lifestyle photographer. Known for photographing Spidey cosplays since 2012, he enjoys attending conventions and networking and has a lot of beautiful cosplay photography under his belt. NELs is a member of the Cosplay Photographer Alliance and his work has been featured in video game articles and cosplay magazines. The best place to follow him is on Instagram.

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