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Holly Wolf. Playboy Playmate. Cosplayer. Gamer. Nuff Said.

Holly Wolf as Mystique, photo by Vico Velez , make-up by Keltonfx.

Holly Wolf, International Playboy Playmate, gamer and all-around nerd has garnered a massive 4 million Facebook and 600k Instagram followers with her hot and sexy no-holds-barred cosplay!

Holly Wolf Cosplay

Travelling to numerous destinations each year to model for exclusive companies, Holly Wolf has been featured in multiple magazines such as the FHM and Maxim. As a four time International Playmate with Playboy covers and a Playmate of the Year under her belt, Holly Wolf is a certified ‘goal’ digger.

A proven nerd, this avid gamer and cosplayer loves to stay at home to catch up on her favorite shows, such as SAO and the Fate Series, while creating her next cosplay project in her spare time.

With a passion for cosplay and traveling to conventions all over the world, Holly Wolf’s cosplay projects have reached audiences from multiple continents around the globe.

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