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Cosplay Now Has An Anthem

‘I’m a Cosplayer’ RobotSexMusic’s Hip Hop Ode To Cosplay!

Seviria Cosplay is a featured cosplayer in RobotSexMusic's, 'I'm a Cosplayer' Hip Hop Anthem Music Video

I’m a Cosplayer! – Vancouver, BC based artist Daydreamer, aka RobotSexMusic, produced this Hip Hop Anthem and music video for our Cosplay Fandom! He and his talented team of collaborators put hundreds of hours into this labor of love! Credits, links and lyrics below! Go give them all a follow!

I’M A COSPLAYER – OFFICIAL [Cosplay Music Video] by RobotSexMusic

Instagram: @robotsexmusic69
Twitter: @robotsexmusic69

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  • Produced and Arranged by Boriz Safi
  • Lyrics and Lead Vocals by Boriz Safi
  • Backing Vocals by Winnie Tang & Laurie Leung
  • Piano by Enoch Weng
  • Live Drums by Eddie Riumin
  • Bass by Marco Restagno
  • Live Trumpet by Jocelyn Waugh
  • Mixed by Richard at Digital Sound Magic Studios
  • Mastered by Nick Fowler at Teknology Productions


  • Director: Boriz Safi
  • Assistant Director: Dmitri Lennikov
  • Editor: Boriz Safi
  • Production Consultant: David Marino
  • Camera Operator: Dmitri Lennikov
  • Assistant Camera: Wilson Wong
  • Director of Photography: David Marino & Lu Zhang
  • Compositing: Boriz Safi
  • Colorist: David Marino
  • VFX: Boriz Safi, Behr Safi and David Marino
  • Production Manager: Kimmi Le
  • Executive Producers: Boriz Safi, Behr Safi and Dmitri Lennikov

Video shot on the Sony FS-700 and post producuction was completed using Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC

COSPLAYERS (In Order of Appearance):


Verse 1:

Let me tell ya thing or two about
Cosplay, my one love.. one purpose
Here’s to all my fellow nerds emerging
Yeah we pimps at heart but introverted on the surface
The type to spend more dollars making things from scratch, for less we could’ve purchased

And that’s where all our money goes
At least I’m looking fly while I’m hungry and broke
And sleep deprived, I been up 3 days in a row
Barely finished this at seven in the morn
Shout outs to cosplay photographers who help us make a presence

Shout outs to volunteers that help with Anime conventions
To Jessica and Vampy for making cosplay relevant
And other internet celebs I may have failed to mention
Some think we do it cause we crave attention but I aim to differ

Cause when I’m wearing it the stress and pain is lifted,
Ain’t pretending cuz this is the realest.. and
Genuine version of me that they will witness… sing it with me


I’m a, I’m a, I’m a Cosplayer
You follow the Kardashians I follow Han & Leia
With some glue, needles and a sharp razor
I’m ripping EVA foam and stitching fabric all day

This the anthem, this is for Fandom
One Punch Man and Dragonball are my jam
Con-vention Raves and Voice Actor Panels
This camp is my Cosplay Family

Verse 2:

Haha, yeah I’m a Cosplayer
You idolize Lebron James, I idolize Darth Vader
We gamers, geeks, freaks, crossplayers
Nerds, being ourselves, we’re not afraid of.. uhh
Uhh… And man we’re such a bunch of weebs

Kawaii on the street, senpai under the sheets
Marvel superhero or a champion from League
You can be anybody out here we judgement free
Yet theres only a handful that act like you’re beneath em
Try not to mind them, every crafts got it’s elitists

Every con might have it’s creepers
Just don’t make anyone believe or feel that they’re beneath you
Whether you’re a fit man or an attractive female

We’re all in this together wiling out so by example we may have to lead em
Unlike those who’d rather act conceited
Let us bring out the best in all of these fantastic people

Chorus x2

Don’t forget to follow RobotSexMusic and thank him for this awesomeness!

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