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Jessica Nigri Hallewdween Cosplay

Includes 2018 Live Feed

Jessica Nigri Hallewdween Cosplay

The Jessica Nigri HalLEWDween Cosplay Holiday is upon us! Last year, Jessica Nigri put together some fun and sexy Halloween Cosplays and launched her now infamous Hallewdween series. Cosplayers have jumped on that bandwagon, with currently over 4000 Instagram #Hallewdween posts. We have a Live Feed on the hashtag at the bottom, check it out for some great 2018 Nigri/Halloween inspired sexy and LEWD cosplay creations.

Jessica Nigri Hallewdween #1 – October 1, 2017, Nigri launches #Hallewdween with her Sexy Werewolf (photo by @martinwongphoto)

“…this is just some fun times to get into the Halloween spirit, thank you for letting me kind of … lewd out for a bit here! I really appreciate it!”

Hallewdween #2 – Witch!

Jessica Nigri Hallewdween #3 – This “Cardiac Arrest” costume became Jessica’s sexy Overwatch Mercy (photo by @martinwongphoto)

“Always consult your Doctor before engaging in strenuous activity!”

Hallewdween #4 – Boudoir Yuno Gasai from Future Diary (photo by @martinwongphoto)

“Next on Hallewdweens list is my GIRL!! Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki! (Future Diary) This anime is so great and absolutely messes with your mind!”

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