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Jessica Nigri Hallewdween Cosplay

Includes 2018 Live Feed

Jessica Nigri Hallewdween #5 – Cuddly Halloween Outfit (photo by @martinwongphoto)

“I want something a bit more chill and relaxed for this set to get myself into the snuggle up on a couch in thigh highs black lipstick and stockings kind of mood (lmfao so stupid).”

Hallewdween #6 – Gwenom

“My boy @brandonogilberto sent me over a suit and we did a bunch of cool photos! Please hit him up if you want to get yourself a suit!! His are quality! They are also HIS DESIGN, so if you see these suits anywhere else, DAT SHIT IS RIPPED OFF!”

Jessica Nigri Hallewdween #7 – Sexy Ghosterbuster (photo by @martinwongphoto)

“I decided, what’s Halloween without some Ghostbusters to break up the spirits evil fun! But sometimes when a Ghostbuster enters into a ghastly situation… things can get a little …. slimy…”

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