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Jill Grayson Cosplay And The Many Faces of Harley Quinn

Jill Grayson Cosplay is a French cosplayer and model from Marseille.

Jill Grayson Cosplay

Jill started cosplaying in 2013 with her first cosplay being Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3, who is her favorite video game character. After this first experience, she decided to keep going and to keep the name Jill for her professional page. Additionally, Grayson is from Dick Grayson because she’s a massive Batman fan. For sure, Jill loves her some Nightwing!

Debbie Thornberry!

Poison by Jill GraysonPoison by Jill Grayson

Jill loves comic books, superheros, playing video games and prefers survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Playing a lot of sports as a child, she even used to Roller Derby just like her favorite villain Harley Quinn! In fact, Jill loves her so much, that we’ve brought you a whole gallery of her Harley Quinn cosplay at the end of this article.

A love of creating things and bringing characters to life is why Jill cosplays. “It’s an amazing feeling to see stars in the eyes of people when they see you in cosplay” Jill says, and continues that “when they are happy to see my character, I ‘m happy too because I know I’ve been able to bring the magic to them.”

Jinx by Jill Grayson

Jill believes in standing up for women’s rights. Consequently, she says she’s a feminist who defends women’s rights the best she can through her videos on YouTube. Furthermore, she’s also an artistic nude model for the simple reason that she wants to show that a woman’s body is a beautiful and sacred thing that people should watch with respect and admiration. Oh and, by the way, she also works for the French Army – so don’t mess with her!

Jill Grayson – Tell Us Something Weird:

When asked “if you could go anywhere, where would you go?” Jill reveals her dream destination. It’s not Tahiti, Phuket, Paris or Rome. It’s instead a fictional rural foggy town somewhere in the American northeast… Silent Hill.

“I would die to visit this place! Well, I think I would really die!” – Jill Grayson

Cammy by Jill Grayson
Batgirl by Jill Grayson

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