Kristen Lanae Cosplay is a 26 year old international cosplayer and model currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Amazingly beautiful and prolific, she’s teamed up with Photog David Love on all of these cosplays we present below. Check out her links at the end of this article!

Kristen Lanae Cosplay

Before getting into cosplay, Kristen began making a name in the gaming community working as a promotional model with the CSA Agency. She has worked for several companies at some of the largest events in the United States including E3 and Pax East. Some of the clients include: Ubisoft, Twitch, Wargaming, and SuperHeroStuff.

Kristen Lanae's Scarlet Witch, photo by David Love
Scarlet Witch by Kristen Lanae Cosplay, photo by David Love

Kristen has also done collaborations and promotion for other big name companies like DxRacer, Razer, Controller Chaos, KontrolFreek, and is currently a visionary for Gunnar Optiks.

Kristen Lanae's Pennywise cosplay
Kristen Lanae’s Pennywise

As Kristen attended and worked at these large gaming events and comic conventions, she was introduced into the world of cosplay. Already being an artist on the side plus having a great love for video games, it was only natural that she would be instantly hooked into cosplay.

Kristen Lanae's Poison Ivy, photo by David Love
Kristen Lanae’s Poison Ivy, photo by David Love

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