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All Hail the Lich Queen VertVixen

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

Alicia, aka VertVixen, is a professional costume fabricator and designer based in California, USA. She created this Lich Queen costume in about two months and it’s 90% 3D printed. Watch the video interviews to learn more about her cutting edge process and tools used. You’ll find all of VertVixen’s links at the end of this article.

Taking 4th place over all in the prestigious Blizzcon 2016 Costume contest out of 150 entries for this incredible Lich Queen cosplay armor build, VertVixen continues to impress cosplayers, costumers and fans alike! Let’s have a look at this amazing costume!

“When my work is complete, you will beg for mercy — and I will deny you. Your anguished cries will be testament to my unbridled power…” – The Lich King

Lich Queen Costume and armor by @Vertvixen
Frostmourne by @coregeek and @vertvixen
Scale by @Bisouknits
3d fillament sponsored by @matterhackers
Photo by @paincakesphoto

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

“My creativity and love for everything artistic and nerdy lead me into the world of costuming and armor building.”

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

“Costumes and Armor are more than creating for me, it is a passion.”

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

Prop: Live – Q&A with VertVixen from January 2017. 3D printing talk!

“Building is something I do 60 to 70 hours a week and I always give my 110% in every project.”

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

“Whenever I make a costume I strive to make it the best it can be; I make my costumes the highest quality possible!”

“Recently I have added 3D printing to my arsenal of tools, and my background of digital sculpting has helped bring my costuming to the next level!”

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

“I also absolutely love talking to people about the games and products that I am passionate about.”

Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

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Lich Queen Cosplay by VertVixen

“Value each day that you get, good and bad, and never let yourself be defeated. Always remain strong and remember who you are, never give up. Continue to be the BadAss you are” – VertVixen

That is some PRO Lich Queen Cosplay!

Be sure to follow VertVixen and see what else she is up to (and it’s a lot!). Visit her website, follow her on Facebook, watch her videos on YouTube and tune in to her Twitch channel for live streams of her digital sculpting. Give her your support so we can continue to enjoy her fantastic creations.

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