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The Very Special Magnificent No One

Magnificent Noone as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, photo by MRmanu and Lukas Dosti

The costume debuted on Vienna Comic Con and everyone was amazed by my work. This filled me up with happiness and I became more motivated than ever. My dream finally came true, I was a character that I loved and adored since I was a little girl.

To be honest this wasn’t my first Lara attempt I cosplayed her once when I was 8 years old. My school had a costume contest, but sadly I ended up last place because no one knew the character and they were thinking that i’m some kind of amazon soldier.

I try my best to catch up with the cosplay world, I’m currently working on Egyptian Catwoman and Vaporeon from Pokemon but also busy learning for my master exam. After I finished my studies I want to concentrate on more difficult and armored costumes.

My inspiration comes mainly from games, comics and movies, but I also like anime. I think the most important that you love the character you are cosplaying. I could never imagine myself doing a character only because it’s popular.

I’m always searching for features I can identify myself with. For me, cosplay is an endless joy and I feel like I found myself completely. Others may be laughing at me and don’t understand my passion, but I really don’t care. Their judgement and rejection led me to this wonderful life I’m living so I actually just want to thank them everything they have done to me.

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