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Meevers Desu – Denver’s Badass Cosplayer

Meevers Desu as Black Cat, photo by Soul Studios

Meevers Desu hails from Denver Colorado and has been in the cosplay game since 2008 when she was a senior in high school. Her first cosplay was Yoruichi from Bleach. Meevers likes meeting new friends, seeing new places and taking pictures of her creations with like-minded individuals.

Meevers Desu Cosplay

Follow Meevers on Facebook and Instagram, get her 2018 calendar over on Store Envy and then buy her a cup of coffee on Ko-fi to support her great work.


“As an artist, I am never truly satisfied with the final result. I always feel that I could have made some aspect of the costume better, however that’s how I improve on the next project.”


“Cosplay is for everyone, regardless of your age, body type, gender, skill level, or skin color. Wear what makes you happy and have fun. That’s it, that’s cosplay.”

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