Meet The Miria Senshi Cosplay Family

Miria Senshi Cosplay

This is Miria. She’s a 6 year old Blood Elf Rogue from France.

Miria Senshi Cosplay's Blood Elf Rogue
Miria of Miria Senshi Cosplay as Blood Elf Rogue

This is Mickael, her father and T2 Paladin.

Mickael of Miria Senshi Cosplay in T2 Paladin
Mickael of Miria Senshi Cosplay in T2 Paladin

Miria, Mickael and his new wife Emie are a cosplay family. Emie’s Jaina Proudmore cosplay isn’t ready yet but we’ll be sure to share it when it is done. Show your support by giving them a follow on Facebook!

Miria Senshi Cosplay

Miria has always liked to dress up since she was very young and has an interesting and eclectic taste for such a young lady.

Miria Senshi Cosplay early costumes
Miria Senshi Cosplay – early school and carnival costumes that inspired her cosplay

Miria was too young to go on stage for the Geek Days show so her father Mickael made his T2 Paladin to join her and the family team Miria Senshi Cosplay was born.

Their cosplay won praise from JudgeHype after the show.

“Indeed, although the result is already very convincing, this is a first for Mickael and Miria. I find that these creations are very nice and a real encouragement for all those who would like to try the experience in view of the wonders that can be seen in the universe of cosplayers. Congratulations to them!” (Google translation from French!)

Mickael was a Warcraft III player and is a fan of Blizzard’s lore, art and design. He made the costumes from EVA foam, floor mats, acrylic paint and “lots of elbow grease!”

Miria Senshi Cosplay
Mickael spent about 150 hours on the Paladin and 60 hours on the Rogue costume.

Mickael and Miria went for a cosplay picnic with their friend Crea ClairedeLune and took this photo for a Blizzard photo contest. They didn’t win, but we think it’s great.

A World of Warcraft cosplay picnic by Miria Senshi Cosplay and A World of Warcraft cosplay picnic by Miria Senshi Cosplay and Crea ClairedeLune
“Heroes of the Storm on Holiday.” A World of Warcraft cosplay picnic by Miria Senshi Cosplay and Crea ClairedeLune.

Miria’s certainly off to a good start and with the help of her father, who know’s where this will go? We look forward to following their cosplay careers and seeing what this cosplay family comes up with next! Vive la France!

Here’s a few more adorable shots of Miria:

Miria Senshi CosplayMiria Senshi CosplayMiria Senshi CosplayMiria Senshi Cosplay

We bet Miria would like to do this Sylvanas Cosplay by Kinpatsu!

Miria Senshi Cosplay

Miria Senshi Cosplay

If you’d like to follow the progress of this new cosplay family, give them a follow on Facebook and show them some cosplay love! Thanks for reading and sharing!

Photos by Pika Shoot PhotographerNicolas Bayart Photography and David Croquelois.

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