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Miss Raquel Sparrow Deadly Gorgeous Cosplay

Raquel Sparrow as Mera from Aquaman, photo by Daryl Lynch

Miss Raquel Sparrow is another phenomenal cosplayer from Australia. She’s “Just a girl who enjoys playing dress ups! Love my games, comic books and food. I love food.” But after you look at her quality cosplays, you’ll see she’s much more than that! Most of her costumes are original and made by her. Professionally produced photo sets and edits combined with her deadly gorgeous looks make for some serious results! Enjoy.

Raquel Sparrow Cosplay

Follow Miss Raquel on Facebook and Instagram and support her by buying her prints on her Storenvy site!

Peace is a lie, everything is permitted. Photo by @sldixonphoto

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I miss the sunshine and the heat more than anything. #bringmebacksummer ????

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Showing off Mark Roger’s weapons! ✖️

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Another one of our favorites from down under is the gorgeous and talented Katyuska Moonfox!

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