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Momo Kurumi Cosplay – Artist, Fan and Dreamer


Momo Kuruki Cosplay

Momo Kurumi Cosplay is a California based Costumer and Cosplayer who’s been in the game since 2008. Despite winning over a half dozen awards at various cons, she says on her Facebook profile that she’s never been instantly talented at cosplay but has had to work hard at it. Well, as you will find out very quickly, that work has paid off! We’ve mixed her website bio and some excerpts from an interview together with some of her photos to serve you up a tasty plate of cosplay! Be sure to check out all her social links at the end of this article.

Momo Kurumi Cosplay

“From a young age, I have had a vivid imagination and have always dreamed of living an exciting life like in my favorite movies and games. Of course, this is real life, so I guess that could never happen…. right?”

Momo Kurumi Cosplay as Park Ranger Jessica Rabbit
Park Ranger Jessica Rabbit, photo by Koji


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