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Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan

Cosplayer Spotlight

Super Sonico cosplay is very popular at the cons. She’s is a clutzy, adorable, and well-endowed 18-year old girl. A complete sucker for anything cute, especially stray cats, all of which she giddily adopts. She’s a college student and plays guitar for a three-girl band and models for pin-ups. The ideal candidate for cosplay!

Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan

Super Sonico is a Nitro+ character who spawned a franchise which includes music, manga, video games and an anime series. SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation follows Sonico as she faces tough challenges in her search for her place in the world, even when her days are brimming with love and happiness.

Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan

Sonico should be enjoying a carefree and simple lifestyle as a young college student, but her life is really anything but easy: she must balance being a professional model, working part-time at her grandmother’s restaurant, and practicing guitar and performing concerts with her friends Suzu Fujimi and Fuuri Watanuki in their band, First Astronomical Velocity—all while attending college.

Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-NyanSuper Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan Super Sonico Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan

Super Sonico Cosplay – Get Inspired!

Super Sonico

About Lulu-Nyan Cosplay

Lulu-Nyan is a cosplayer and hobby model from Germany. Cosplaying since 2013 she really enjoys crafting her own costumes – although she says “Sewing not so much!” We have a profile post on her here so you can see the tremendous range of her work.

When she’s not cosplaying she sometimes streams crafting on Twitch as well as some gaming. She’s not really a ‘gamer gurl’ pro but does it for fun and for the chance to chat with and get to know her fans. There is little else in her bio or to be found on the internet but she’s not shy as you can see by the volume of work she has out there. From Her DC and gaming cosplay to her anime and original characters, she exhibits great craft and attention to detail.

Follow her on Facebook where you can see all of her amazing work.

We have a round-up of 17+ steamy Super Sonicos if you want to see more!

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