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The Scientist | Quick Bite

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Mike Roshuk is a professional Photographic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphics Specialist based in Edmonton Alberta. He specializes in merging the worlds of photography and illustration, creating beautifully rendered artwork ranging from scenes of fantasy to pop-culture inspired images.

The Scientist

Its late at night in the laboratory of the brilliant Dr. Natasha Feuer. The call came in this morning with the news that funding has officially been cut to the doctor’s 10 year research on a deadly, but rare disease.

The Scientist - Roshuk Studios

Taking matters into her own hands, Dr. Feuer is intent on proving to the world that her work has not been in vain.

The Scientist - Roshuk Studios

No more time for tests. As she herself suffers from this mysterious disease, she subjects herself to the formula she has worked so very hard on.

The Scientist - Roshuk Studios

But the result is not quite what she had expected…”

The Scientist - Roshuk Studios The Scientist - Roshuk Studios The Scientist - Roshuk Studios

Great work from Roshuk Studios, be sure to check out his other work!

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