Submit a post to Cosplay News Network


That’s right Jessica – fans can now submit a post!

Create your own content on Cosplay News Network complete with links back to your website or social channels! Create a cosplay profile about yourself or about your favorite cosplayer, create stories, photo galleries, embed social stuff like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube videos. You can even create memes and trivia quizzes!

Types of posts you can create:

  1. Story. Best for cosplay profiles or a post about your favorite cosplayer! Can include images, text, social embeds and videos.
  2. Gallery. Best for photo stories.
  3. Image. For a single image.
  4. Embed. For a single YouTube, Twitter, Instagram content.
  5. Meme. Create a meme with top and bottom text.
  6. Trivia Quiz. For quick yes/no quizzes.

Categories – assign your post to an appropriate category:

  • Profile – a general profile about a specific cosplayer showing a range of their work
  • Spotlight – typically, a specific cosplay by a cosplayer, like a photo set etc.
  • Cosplay – a general story about cosplay, maybe a specific theme or character
  • News – Any cosplay related news or stories from expos and cons
  • Memes – Yeah, well, put memes in this category
  • Photographers – for profiles of photographers and digital artists
  • How-To – submit a cosplay tutorial! Armor and costume builds, hair and make-up etc., embed your videos!

Submit a post and we may also share it with our Facebook following of over 160k fans!¬†Posts will be reviewed and SEO optimized before going live! By submitting, you authorize Cosplay News Network to host and share your images and content. Please don’t copy and paste from other sites! If the images aren’t yours, please be sure to note the cosplayer and give proper credit to the photographers and include links to their websites or facebook pages where possible.

We reserve the right to not approve your posts if we deem it inappropriate for any reason! Use it, don’t abuse it! Our contact form link is in the footer so shoot us a message if you have any questions.