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Anna Faith Top Ten Cosplayer

Anna Faith Top Ten Cosplayer

Anna Faith is an Instagram model and cosplayer from Florida. Best known for her Elsa cosplay from Frozen she has rocketed in a short time to the top ranks of the cosplay world.

In June of 2014, Anna already had a healthy Instagram following of over 250k when her Elsa look-a-like story was picked up by Huffington Post, NY Daily News, and others. She’s blown up from there with now over one million followers across her social channels. In November of 2017 Anna launched a Patreon, and in less than a year she is already #2 in the Adult Cosplay category with over 1500 patrons supporting her work.

Anna acts and models and plans to record an album. Believing in giving back, she also takes time to entertain cancer patients and does charity events and school fundraisers. She’s a keeper.

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