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Pialoof – Germany’s Sweet and Sultry Eros Cosplayer

Pialoof Cosplay – Germany’s Sweet and Sultry Eros Cosplayer

Pialoof Cosplay (previously kana Cosplay) is the epitome of eros cosplay, sweet, sultry, sexy, almost nude and naked but not quite so don’t ask!

In October of 2018, Kana changed her tag to Pialoof. “Finally, Kana changed her nickname to Pialoof!” said her subreddit moderator MikomiHokina, “Pialoof is a mix of her favorite first name “Pia” (pronounced Piya) and the personality trait of being “aloof”.

A seamstress, cosplayer, eros model and Corgi Mom, Pia’s gorgeous, soft, cute, cuddly and sometimes naughty cosplay pics will set your heart on fire! A German fashion design assistant, Kana/Pia has been a featured cosplay guest and enjoyed visiting conventions for over a decade. Her social links are at the end of this article! Go support her!

Pialoof is One Bad Wolf

“Are you a good wolf or a bad wolf?”

Kana, Pialoof Cosplay - Sexy Wolf

Pialoof is One Sexy Wolf

Eros Wolf Cosplay by Pialoof


Pialoof’s Coconut Nekopara Cosplay

Kana’s Coconut Nekopara cosplay. Nekopara is a series of erotic visual novel video games developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project. The first game in the series, Nekopara Vol. 1, was released in 2014. The series is set in a world where humans live alongside catgirls, known as “Nekos”, and are able to keep them as pets.

Pia's Coconut Nekopara

Kana's Coconut Nekopara

This Coconut Nekopara cosplay will melt your heart

Happy Easter Vibes with Pialoof!

Tamamo from Fate
Tamamo from Fate

Her fashion design training has helped her on her long cosplay sewing journey!

Kana, Pialoof

Kana is a horror fan, loves anime and will probably being playing video games until she’s old and wrinkly!

Kashima Kitten Cosplay

Kashima Kitten


Kana’s profile says she’s “taken” but it’s probably by her charming Corgi boy named Dexter!

Pia's Corgi Dexter
Pia and her Corgi Dexter!

This Maid Cosplay is armed and dangerous


Pia's Black Cat is on the prowl

A soft and sultry Super Sonico!
Super Sonico cosplay!

Are you a Sonico fan? Check out these 17 Super Steamy Super Sonicos!

Stand down! Police Officer Super Sonico!
Kana’s Police Officer Super Sonico!
Police Officer Super Sonico is on the job
Don’t make any sudden moves… Pialoof is here.
Pialoof Police Officer Super Sonico!
You won’t resist arrest.
Kana/Pialoof - Junko Enoshima
Cosplay: Junko Enoshima is the central character of the Danganronpa series’ Hope’s Peak Academy Saga.

Boasting a healthy 300k Instagram followers, she’s built a dedicated following over the past ten years. Recently she started a Patreon for her hardcore fans where you can get early releases and fan service pics of her sexy eros cosplay photo sets – but no nudes so don’t ask!

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