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Kate Sarkissian | The Definition of Sexy Cosplay

Sexy Cosplay Girls Defined

Kate Sarkissian Cosplay – aka K8sarkissian

Kate Sarkissian is from Northern Nevada and a recent “nerd-ball.” Recent, because even though she always loved dressing up for Halloween and making her own costumes, it wasn’t until 2014 when she attended a local con that she discovered cosplay.

She quickly gained notoriety, winning the 2014 Reno Wizard World Best in Show and she’s been on a tear ever since producing high quality creations and working with great photographers to produce excellent cosplay sets that usually include a super sexy or boudoir version.

Her gorgeous looks combined with her talent and desire for constant growth has helped her rise quickly. She defines the modern sexy cosplay girl. Check it out.

You’ll find her links at the end of this article.

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