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Andrasta Cosplay Has A Fried Chicken Problem

Andrasta Cosplay

Kamila, aka Andrasta Cosplay, is from Poland and likes chicken. Specifically Kentucky Fried Chicken. She says they have a lot of tasty KFC in Poland and she’s a little bit addicted.

Jinx Cosplay by Andrasta

When she’s not eating chicken, she’s drawing, experimenting with make-up and making great cosplay. She’s also a big nerd who loves her RPG, RTS and MMO video games. When she was younger she played a lot of Playstation, SNES and Gameboy games. Her parents tried to stop her but thankfully for us, they failed.

Jinx Cosplay by Andrasta

Her first cosplay back in 2014 was Jinx but her fully detailed costume wasn’t finished until 2015 for IEM Katowice. Having failed to stop Kamila from going down this cosplay path, her parents ended up helping her by teaching her how to sew and paint and work with LEDs. She says that with each costume she creates she gains +10 XP and +20 Fulfillment!

Jinx Cosplay by Andrasta

You’ll find Andrasta’s social links at the end of this article!

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