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Azura Cosplay, Art and Sexy Stuff!

Azura Cosplay Art and Sexy Stuff!

Azura Cosplay is NJ based cosplayer, professional graphic designer, classical violinist, and illustrator who’s been costume-designing and crafting since she was a kid.

Azura Cosplay, art and sexy stuff!
Azura’s new Facebook header – Photos by Nyman Photography, Lienad.Photo, P Karpey Photography and Sweet Sensation Photography

Who is Azura Cosplay?

Azura: “AZZ-er-uh”. Noun. 1. A smol blonde cosplayer/geek/artist/derp-hybrid creature who loves making things, training Muay Thai, and making new friends. 2. A female known for making weird noises, cracking really stupid jokes (and then laughing at them), and needing to pet every dog she comes across. 3. An excitable human BEAN with a vast dragon collection.

Azura Cosplay – Halloween Bowsette

Into costume design, illustration, painting, and violin since she was a kid, she got into the geeky stuff super early on, drawing her first dragon at the age of 2. Warning to parents – that’s an early sign of cosplay tendencies.

Azura Cosplay – Magik from Xmen

Throughout her childhood, she was obsessed with fantasy, video games, anime, drawing, and crafting. She was *really* awkward growing up, which led to being alienated and bullied and ended up spending almost all of her free time on her own, which allowed her to be artistic and delve into the fantasy worlds of books, video games, and shows.

Bikini Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Grand Order

All of those things kept her going, and she determined to not abandon what she loves just to “fit in”. Now, as a proud, geeky adult, she’s been able to make great friends through cosplay and is at home in the cosplay community. Fully focused on honing her craft and making some seriously top-notch cosplays, Azura lives to create, and loves what she does.

Azura Cosplay – Void Elf from World of Warcraft

Follow Azura Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram and support her work on Patreon where you’ll find all sorts of exclusive content such as monthly boudoir sets and her private snapchat!

Patriotika cosplay for @mountolympuscomics! The Kickstarter for the comic series is booming and one of the rewards is a mini-print of Azura in this cosplay!

Hit NEXT for more Azura – you’ve gotta see her Ghost Direwolf set!

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