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FeGalvao aka Maria Fernanda Cosplay from Brazil Makes Waves

One To Watch [Updated April 2019]

FeGalvao aka Maria Fernanda Cosplay

FeGalvao aka Maria Fernanda Cosplay (Fe Galvão, Fe Galvao), is a model and cosplayer from Brazil. And although she’s only now just 19 years of age and, she’s making giant waves in cosplay with her cute, sexy and accurate side-by-sides and has racked up an impressive following of over 1.2m Instagram and 150k Facebook followers. Maria has yet to start a Patreon, so you can’t find her photo pack or photo sets anywhere yet, but we’ve curated a collection of some of our favorites here along with some of her stats! Born November 8, 1999, which makes her a Scorpio, Maria is a small package at only 1.56m tall (that’s 5ft 1-1/2 inches in the US!) she’s however, taken the interwebs by storm! Could this Brazillian beauty be the hottest cosplayer ever? Cosplay girls abound but Maria Fernanda seems to have the “it” factor – check her out and decide for yourself!

Lindsay from Total Drama Island

Erza from Fairy Tail

Our favorite Pikachu Bikini

Jinx Bunny

Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist

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